Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Florida Man Found Tracks in 1991 And Finally Releases Video

Back in 1991, a man in Florida claimed he may have discovered some very unique tracks. Years later, a friend of the witness brought the evidence to the attention of Re M.: "My family found a track of footprints on our hunting property. We were able to follow it for over a mile. We casted two prints (a right & left.) We followed the track and found a place where it had gone through a barb wire fence, taking out 5 or 6 posts, and what appeared to be a place where it slept."

RMSO: Hike to Logging Boss & Sons Bigfoot Sighting Deadwood

RMSO shows the location of the famous Deadwood Bigfoot sightings and takes a good look around for modern day evidence.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Top 5 Incredible Stories From Mulder's World [8/4/2015]

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Here are some fascinating stories from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

1967 Truly Was The Year Of The Bigfoot

We all know about the Patterson Gimlin Film of 1967, but do you know the other major events that took place in that same area that very same year? Steven Streufert, owner of Bigfoot Books and member of the Bluff Creek Project, lays out the timeline (link at the end of this article) of the events that took place in the Bluff Creek basin in 1967, that would help shape the bigfoot world forever.

Think You Could Hang With These Squatchers?

The BC Squatchers haven't found a bigfoot, but it isn't for lack of trying. YOu have to be in AMAZING physical shape to go where these guys go. Do you think you have what it takes to hang with these guys? I expected to see an Ewok pop out at any moment.

Award-Winning Film Makers Wanting To Make A New Bigfoot Movie

Zealous Creative are award-winning film makers who have gained popularity and fame in the field of stop animation. Their style is unique and creative, with very abstract characters. Now they are setting their sights on producing some larger live-action films, one of which is a bigfoot movie. The Sasquatch of Jackson Farm is about a man named Bill who raises a young sasquatch on his remote farm. They have produced a video explaining the film and what their plans are for it, now they just need a little help.

Vietnam Helicopter Pilot Sees Bigfoot Creature

During a mission to replace a faulty communications device, a Vietnam soldier witnessed something he's never been able to shake. During their flight to the location, Larry Wilson witnessed a bigfoot type creature shaking a tree. At first the soldiers thought it was an enemy and almost opened fire on the creature until they realized what they were witnessing.

What's Making These Terrifying Sounds?

In July of 2012, a couple were headed for a weekend of fun filled boat camping when their truck broke down just outside of a small town called Clipper Mills. They had decided to relax in their boat with their dogs that night due to not having cell phone service to call out. That's when the calls started. The husband grabbed his camera, and recorded as much of it as he could. The beastly calls went on for some time, and even the dogs were bothered by what they heard.

Monstrous Crab or Spider Like Creature Spotted On Mars

A NASA image of Mars being passed around on social media over the weekend has imaginations running wild. The photo shows a stone formation in front of what may be a kind of cave.

Finally: Patterson's Bigfoot(Patty) VS. Freeman's Sasquatch(Paula)

The creature from the Patterson-Gimlin footage is named Patty. Everyone knows that. Right? What about Paul Freeman's creature? What's do we call her? How about "Paula"? That's the name Tyler gave the Freeman creature. We're impressed that someone has finally created a video showing the difference or similarities between Patty and Paula. Watch below:

Man Hears Tree Knocks and Gets Bluff Charged

Anthony Moffett just uploaded a video that's packed full of action. At the 27 min mark, you can actually watch Anthony breathing uncontrollably as he explains the tree knocks before he was chased out of a valley. Check out the video below:

Monday, August 3, 2015

Top 5 Incredible Stories From Mulder's World [8/3/2015]

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Here are some fascinating stories from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

Whoa, Researcher Captures Tree Knock On Video In Hidden Valley

Researcher Anthony Moffett investigates an a hidden valley. He had noticed previous bigfoot activity in the areas surrounding this valley, and after watching this video, you can see why he'll be adding this one to the list. He captures a really loud tree knock on video, and gets a little too close for comfort, far away from his car.

NEW UNEDITED The Complete Patterson Gimlin Film Footage!

Steven Streufert, owner/operator of Bigfoot Books and member of the Bluff Creek Project just posted this amazing and previously unreleased stabilized and color balanced, unedited, full roll one of the Patterson Gimlin film footage. This is a duplicate copy of the full roll that was in Roger Patterson's  Cine K-100 camera the day of October 20th, 1967. 

Most people have never seen this footage before.

Patty Vs. Paula: A Patterson and Freeman Film Comparison

Youtuber and bigfoot enthusiast Blayne Tyler made a video doing a head to head (or foot to foot rather) comparison between the Patterson/Gimlin film, and the Paul Freeman footage. He compares various aspects of both creatures, as well as the follow up research.

Video Breakdown Of The Australian Patty Film

Did you know that Australia has their own yowie version of the Patterson film? It's true. The film is called the Piper film after Steve Piper, the person who filmed it, and in the yowie world of Australia, it is the equivalent to the Patterson film. Of course we Yanks know better. Will this film be easier to solve, or will it remain a debated mystery like the Patterson film?

Is Bigfoot Using Jedi Mind Tricks?

In a recent video posted by Planet Sasquatch, a member of their recent campout relates an unusual event that happened to them. Was it a bigfoot pulling an old Jedi mind trick, or was it a strange apparition? They try to figure it out and make sense of it, but it's pretty strange.

Does This Footage Show A Canadian Sasquatch?

Canada is famous for its bigfoot creatures. The majority of Canada is the idea environment for these creatures to thrive in and the sighting reports go back as far as anyone can remember. The following footage shows what could possibly be an actual Canadian bigfoot. You have to watch closely, it doesn't stay on screen very long, but it does look impressive. Check it out:

Have you ever seen a yowie shelter?

I don't think we've ever seen a Yowie shelter until now. Jason H. just discovered it. Could it have been built by a person? Probably. This looks very familiar and resembles the yowie's North American counter part. Check out the pictures below:

Family Encounters Bigfoot And Recorded Screeching Sound

Bill Brock and his crew recently visited a family in Eddington, Maine and the description of the sighting seems pretty legit. The family describes a Class "A" sighting -- which means they actually got a real good look of the creature and watched it walked away. Later, the family picked up a screeching noise with their audio recorder. Watch the investigation video below: