Thursday, May 28, 2015

Is This The Face Of A Bigfoot Or Just A Trick Of Light?

YouTuber Dr. Squatch has captured some interesting still images from some of his videos, one of which appears to be an ape-like face hidden behind some foliage. Is this the face of bigfoot, or just a trick of light?

These Guys Are Still Hearing Voices, What Should They Do?

It's been 3 weeks, and the Trail To Bigfoot team enters the bush once again to check on their equipment. While they're out there they record a couple strange events, including more voices! What's going on out in these swamps, and what should they do about it?

Watch this: Bear cubs fighting in Yosemite

Folks. This is why you have to drive slow on Yosemite park roads. You could run into these little guys, or maybe even Bigfoot cubs :-)

Arkansas Bigfoot Witness Explains What Happened

Something is going on in Arkansas that has this guy all stirred up. The Searching For Bigfoot Team arrives on location and talk to the witness about their recent experiences.

Wish Granted: Boy Gets To Hangout With Bigfoot

It was shocking when this little boy said he wanted to meet bigfoot through the Make A Wish foundation. It was even more shocking when his wish actually came true. Get some tissues.

This Is Still One OF My Favorite Bigfoot Videos

ParaBreakdown's Phil Poling offers up his commentary on the Spartansburg, PA bigfoot video. The video was supposedly taken by a couple of hikers, who had noticed the sounding of breaking sticks.

Has anyone figured out what these eyeshine belong to?

Some say it could be a huge cat, or a deer stalking this man and his dogs. The man believes it was Bigfoot. Two years ago, YouTube user "BadAssPimpMasterFlex" uploaded this video of a possible Bigfoot staring at him and his dogs. His 240lb English Mastiffs are so frightened by the eyeshine that they are refusing to go outside. "This never happens! I heard a thump in the woods shined my flashlight up there and seen two forward facing eyes staring at me," he wrote in the description.

This Is Our First Sasquatch Chronicles Post In a While: Terrorized By Aggressive Giants

Whatever happened to Sasquatch Chronicles? We know things haven't been the same since William Jevning left the show, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy them here. Here's a brand new one from Wes:

Watch this: The Florida fisherman catches huge fish

A kayak fisherman was fishing next to a pier off Sanibel Island, Florida when he hooked into a gargantuan 552-pound goliath grouper (formerly known as a jewfish), and strapped in for the fight of his lifetime.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Top 5 Incredible Stories From Mulder's World [5/27/2015]

Watch: Kid Bodybuilder 'Little Hercules' is All Grown Up and Chasing a New Dream

Here are some fascinating stories from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

Did Bigfoot Blogger Linda Newton-Perry Find Some Bigfoot Tracks?

During a recent fishing trip, Linda Newton-Perry, author of bigfootballyhoo found what she believes, and looks like some possible bigfoot tracks. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Bigfoot Spotted In Arkansas Throwing Rocks At Campers

The Searching For Bigfoot team is hot on the trail of bigfoot. They check in from the road with a recent report they just received from Arkansas, where a bigfoot was throwing rocks at campers. Check it out:

If You Want To Know About Bigfoot Audio This Is The Guy To Listen To

At the recent annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference at Salt Fork State Park, bigfoot researcher and audio expert Jim Sherman gave a presentation on how to get that next great bigfoot recording. Sherman also shares some bigfoot audio from his own personal collection. Check out his excellent presentation if you weren't lucky enough to attend.

The Baby Bigfoot Seems Normal Compared To These Other Museum Exhibits

Who couldn't love that cute widdle face? Check out these museums of the strange and bizarre. Including a museum of stuffed frogs...

Do You Know The Classic Bigfoot Story They Reference In This Valley Of The Sasquatch Trailer?

Valley of the Sasquatch keeps looking more and more amazing. After seeing this festival trailer, it just makes me want to see it even more. It sounds like they even played a little homage to a classic bigfoot tale. Does anyone know the name of the story they are referencing?

I think the Mono Lake footage is one of the creepiest ones out there

If you've ever been to Mono Lake, there's no reason for anyone to be out there in a gillie suit. If this is a dude, it's one creepy dude, but I don't think this is a dude. It's definitely something hairy and Bigfoot. A couple of years ago, we ran the story explaining the original report, and it's downright creepy!

M.K. Davis enhances Bigfoot hair

Folks. This may or may not be Bigfoot hair. The fact is, most of these hairs sent to labs usually comes back as "unknown". Why is this? Who knows. It could be due to contamination or it could really belong to a Bigfoot. M.K. Davis recently received some hair samples for analysis. Check it out:

What are your thoughts on the Marble Mountain footage?

We've discussed the Marble Mountain footage here many times before. There are newbies like Jeff R. who just heard about it for the first time. He shared the following video with us from by M.K. Davis:

Tuesday, May 26, 2015