Sunday, April 19, 2015

Report of the day: Backpacker meets an 8-foot hairy biped standing behind tent

We haven't posted a Bigfoot report in a while, so here's a very intriguing one from Hinsdale County, Colorado. The description of the creature is spot on and it's impossible for anyone with this type of description to mistaken it for a bear. "The face had fur -- less around the eyes but not as bare as your sketch -- and the eyes were all brown -- no whites. Like a deer's eyes. Its arms were hanging at its sides," wrote the witness:

Ca Hiker Talks About Todd Standing And Les Stroud On This Episode Of Searching for Sasquatch

Ca Hiker is new to the Bigfoot world, so it's intersting to hear what people like him has to say about Todd Standing -- a very controversial Bigfoot researcher from Canada. On this episode of Searching for Sasquatch, he discusses "Takwis - The Devil" and Les Stroud's Bigfoot encounter:

Someone Just Stablized TGBF's Big Red

Does anyone think TimberGiantBigfoot filmed an actual Bigfoot or did he film a bear? YouTube user Ronboy Animator recently stablized the "Big Red" footage and it isn't anymore clearer. Check it out:

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Top 5 Incredible StoriesFrom Mulder's World [4/18/2015]

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Here are some fascinating stories from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

Robert Dodson Shows Us What It's Like To Bigfoot In Oklahoma

One of the biggest differences and problems when it comes to looking for bigfoot in Oklahoma is visibility. During the Spring and Summer months in Oklahoma, the woods become a densely overgrown curtain of vegetation and trees. It makes it nearly impossible to see anything farther than 50 feet away, especially a bigfoot.

Researcher Robert Dodson faces those very issues in this video, as he hits the woods of Oklahoma in search of the elusive beast. By the way, Dodson suggests we listen for howls in the video. Can you hear anything? Check it out:

One Of The Many Dangers Of Bigfooting Is...

There are many dangers one can face when out looking or bigfoot. Normally a bigfoot is the least of the problems you face during research. In this short video clip from The Trail To Bigfoot channel, the team runs across evidence of one of the deadliest potential dangers they face. Snakes.

The New Star Wars Droid (BB-8) Is REAL!

Ladies and gentlemen, if you haven't this yet, this is not CGI. This new Star Wars droid that's got everyone talking is possible. BB8 is a real droid! -- a remotely controlled droid that is. How do we know? We were there during the unvieling. If you don't believe us, check out Rictor Riolo's Twitter page. Check out BB9 below:

What Rips An Audio Recorder Off Of A Tree And Leaves It Sitting On A Tree Limb?

In this video, Mitchell Waite talks about his use of audio recorders in the field, how he uses them, what they can be used for, and how he sets them up. When putting the recorders out, they were sure to pay attention to their surroundings, after having had previous recorders stolen. So what happened this time around? Some interesting things for sure.

Man Videos Bigfoot Pushing Tree Down

Thinker Thunker takes a look at a piece of video supposedly showing a large tree being pushed over by a bigfoot. Which begs the question, if a tree falls in the forest, and someone is there to film it, did a sasquatch cause it to happen? Only Thinker Thunker can answer this one.

Sea Otter Orphan Gets Adopted By A Surrogate Mother

Can an orphan sea otter pup be accepted by a surrogate mother to learn how to survive and thrive back in the wild? If you watch it, don't cry :)

Is Patty Carrying a Baby?

Damn. M.K. Davis has outdone himself this time. This enhancement is the most unique and it truly shows what people can come up with when they stare at something for too long. What is in Patty's left hand? A path of fur? A Baby Bigfoot perhaps? One commenter thinks there's a baby Bigfoot in there somewhere: "At 3:28, you can CLEARLY see (thank you MK) a baby (newborn/) holding on to the hair under her chin on the right - its head is tucked under her chin on the left.  It is revealed by the highlights.  What she's carrying in her left hand, I don't know.  This is pure speculation, mind you:  What if she'd had twins and the second child didn't make it, and she was washing it when they interrupted her. And that's part of the second baby.  Like I said, just speculation...."

Watch This Video If You Want To Learn About Bigfoot Safety

When is it safe to run and when is it safe to hide? YouTube user TheNeckBeard says if you don't know what you're doing, you'll mostly like end up hurt. Watch this video for some helpful tips on Bigfoot research:

Friday, April 17, 2015

Could This Happen To A Sasquatch Hunter?

A trophy hunter was trampled to death by a bull elephant he had been tracking with intention to kill the elephant for it's ivory and trophy value. Do you think a bigoot might do the same thing if it knew someone was trying to hunt it?

Matthew McConaughey's Reaction To The New Star Wars Trailer Is Epic

Even great actors like Matthew McConaughey can have emotional ties to great films. In this amazing video, McConaughey let's down his guard, and allows his emotions to run free as he watches the new Star Wars teaser trailer for the first time.

Ok, it's actually just a video mashup from the movie "Interstellar" by filmmaker Oskar Arneson, but it still comes across amazingly. Check it out.

Is There A Demon In Dover?

In 1977 in Dover, Massachusetts, a strange creature was seen by various witnesses, all telling the same description. It was the only year the "Dover Demon" creature would appear, and has remained a mystery ever since.

This Is Your Last Chance To Help Mitch Find A Bigfoot

After several weeks of remote camping in prime bigfoot country, Mitch Waite makes the return trip home, hiking his way back to civilization. During his hike out he wears a rear-facing camera, in hopes that it captures video of a bigfoot moving around once it thinks it is safe from view. Watch the video and see if you can find anything.

This is frigtening

This is what it looks like when a silverback gorilla attacks. You can see at the end of the clip that he actually brock the glass!

Blue Bags and Bigfoot

Dr. Squatch is discovering something very peculiar lately. We're not really sure, but he could be onto something here. He's noticing these blue tarp or bags strategically places in certains locations such a hotspot in the woods. Check out his video and see if you agee with him:

Someone Spotted Another Bigfoot Behind Les Stroud

Is anyone seeing what this person is seeing? Les Stroud's Bigfoot episodes has been getting a lot of attention lately from viewers of the show. YouTube user scorekeepn caught an anomaly during the last episode of Survivorman Bigfoot and writes: "On Les Stroud's Survivorman:Bigfoot, someone spotted this in a tree. I don't think it's a sasquatch but you might. Look high in the tree on the left, near Les' right ear." Check it out below: